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Product: SC 350 E

Combi SC 350 E

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Model: SC 350E
Supplier: Hurst Jaws of Life

Description: The SC 350E Tactical Combi has all the power and flexibility to help you rip, cut or bend steel as needed. An it can save the day, in any recue situation. Not to mention, it'll perform all these tasks without the need for hoses or a power unit. Quite simply, it's the perfect all-in-one tactical combi tool. Making you the perfect hero.

  • Spreading force up to 25,400 lbs
  • Pulling force up to 11,015 lbs
  • Pulling distance of 14.6"
  • Classification : A6-B7-C7-D7-E7


  • Lenght : 35.75"
  • Width : 8.86"
  • Height : 11.42"
  • Weight : 43.7 lbs