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Product: R 411E

Rams R 411E

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Model: 274080000
Supplier: Hurst


Rescue equipment used to be hand-powered. Tools used to require power units and cumbersome hoses. Not anymore. eDRAULIC technology from Hurst offers you the freedom of cordless operation with the same unmatched power you always count on from Hurst.

Hydraulic power unleashed

eDRAULIC tools from HURST offer the impressive power of hydraulics without the hassle of power units or hoses. No need to plug in. Just grab and go.

Stand-alone or supplementary tools

Powerful and flexible enough to stand alone as your complete set of rescue tools, eDRAULIC tools from Hurst have you covered. They are also the ideal way to supplement your inventory and add portability to your current rescue tool system.

Powered by battery or cord

The rechargeable battery means the freedom to work off-road missions and large-scale accidents with the power of hydraulics. You can also plug your eDRAULIC tools in with a 110 adapter for limitless operation.

Freedom Through Flexibility.

The R 411 E is powerful, extremely compact and offers impressive strength. With the ability to operate in battery mode or with a cord, this remarkable tool has power to spare. The claws at the two ends can be rotated by 360°, enabling you to apply the ram effectively in almost any rescue situation. Impressive extended length of 47.2 in. (with extension accessory)


Piston Stroke 14.1 in. / 358 mm
Lifting Force 23,180 lbs / 103 kN
Retracted Length 21.3 in. / 542 mm
Extended Length 35.4 in. / 900 mm
Extended Length with Extension 47.2 in. / 1200 mm
Dimensions (l x w x h) 21.3 x 6.7 x 10.4 in. / 542 x 170 x 265 mm
Weight* 37.4 lbs / 17.0 kg *Weight without cable plug or battery
Certification (planned) in relation to EN 13204; NFPA 1936