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Product: X-Strut


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Model: X-Strut
Supplier: Res-Q-Jack

Quikjack® No-Nonsense Add-On Jack Technology

  • Transform from shoring strut to lifting strut in seconds!
  • Pin-free, confusion-free jack attachment to strut.
  • Compact design and mid-strut mount make for a LEAN, MEAN, LIFTING MACHINE!

On-Board Ratchet Strap

  • Finally a ratchet strap we can all use with ease.
  • Ratchet mechanism conveniently located for accessibility.
  • Under-strut strap routing positions strap for quick deployment.
  • Efficient strap management

Plastic-Free Steel Strut Body

  • No critical plastic components susceptible to moisture absorption, UV damage, heat strength reduction, bearing stress, impact damage, splintering, or cracking.

Swiveling Multi-Head

  • X-Strut® incorporates our proven multi-purpose strut head to ensure maximum versatility and user-friendly features.

Quick Connect Base Links

  • Pre-attached links at base allow for unlimited base restraint options including: straps, chains, stakes, cables, and more!

No-Twist Telescopic Square Tubing

  • Square tube strut body simplifies length adjustment with twist-free hole alignment.