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Product: GLX-TX3P

Green Lite Texas 3-point kit

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Model: GLX-TX3P
Supplier: RES-Q-JACK

This kit allows for stabilization and lifting of one car. Because the kit comes with variety of accessories, it is also suitable for stabilization in complicated or multi-vehicle scenarios.

With a 2,500 lb. working load limit, the Green Lite version is perfect for departments that see many compact car accidents.The Green Lite is an affortable and liftweight way to outfit your rescue!

Included accessories :

  • 1X 15' Ratchet Straps with Wire Hooks (ACC-RSWH)
  • 3X 15' Ratchet Straps with Snaps (ACC-RSCH)
  • 2X 27' Ratchet Straps with Chains (ACC-SLG8)
  • 2X 4' Chains w/8'' J, Grabs, Mini-J and T-Hook (ACC-SLG8)
  • 1X 16' Grade 80 Chain with Grab Hooks (ACC-CHAN)
  • 2X Clusters (ACC-CLST)
  • 2X Wood/Plastic Hybrid Wedges (ACC-WDGE)
  • 1X 4' Long 1'' Pickets with Collars (ACC-PCKT)
Model Column WLL
Extended Height Collapsed Height Weight Safety Factor
2500 lbs.
87,5'' 54'' 31lbs. 2:1
4000 lbs. 103,5'' 36,5''
54 lbs. 2:1
RJ3-TX3P 4000 lbs. 106''
52,5'' 53lbs. 2:1