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Product: MSA-10072240
Command station

MSA Accountability system

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MODel : MSA-10072240
SupplieR : MSA

MSA’s Accountability System revolutionizes fireground safety by combining the latest computer software with a high-performance radio module and the field-proven technology of MSA’s ICM TxR Integrated PASS.

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A new way to monitor vital information

  • Each MSA base station can monitor up to 50 firefighters, and you can use multiple base stations on a single computer.
  • The Accountability System transmits to incident command the firefighter’s name, team assignment, cylinder pressure, service-time remaining, PASS alarms (motion or manual), thermal alarms, battery status, radio connectivity, and evacuation acknowledgement.

A fireground management system

  • Personalized ID tags for each firefighter tell incident command exactly who is on scene.
  • An integrated PAR (personnel accountability report) timer helps manage radio calls to each team.
  • Incident command can manually add firefighters who are not wearing an SCBA or mutual aid firefighters, so all personnel can be accounted for. 

Intuitive and easy to use

  • Assign firefighters to teams by clicking on a firefighter’s icon and dragging it to another team.
  • A volume of critical information is available at a glance of the screen, due to the large number of firefighters that can be displayed and the pictorial format of the information.
  • Receive both audible and visual indications of critical events such as PASS alarms or low-pressure alarms.