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Product: FM-20100

Arctic 1x3% ATC Foam Concentrate, Solberg

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Model: FM-20100
Supplier: Solberg

ARCTIC 1x3% ATC foam concentrate from SOLBERG is a synthetic, alcohol-resistant foam concentrate used to effectively extinguish Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires at 1% and polar solvent fuel fires at 3%. ARCTIC 1x3% ATC foam provides rapid extinguishment and excellent burn back characteristics and can be proportioned at 1% or 3% solution in fresh, salt and brackish water

The foam concentrate is compatible with multiple materials of construction such as carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, polyethylene and PVC. Galvanized steel should not be used in direct contact with the foam concentrate.

ARCTIC 1x3% ATC foam concentrate complies with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Stewardship Program— 2015 Requirements.

Model Description
Delivery Weight
Approximatif cube

Arctic 1x3% ATC, 5 Gallon (20 litre) pail

20 kg (44 lb)
0.04m3 (1.25 pi2)

ARCTIC™ Foam v. Competition from Solberg Foam on Vimeo.