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Product: GEL-ES-HV-2.5
Accessories for extinguishers

FireIce Nozzle

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Supplier : Just One Solution


While the water has the capacity to slow down the fire, only FireIce has the power to stop it. This product serves to protect your properties.

In fact, FireIce is a dry power wich, when it is added to water, produces an effect of gel, wich will stop the fire. The product chokes the oxygen of the fuel by cooling the source of heat, so breaking the themal barriers of the fire. In brief, FireIce reduces the damages of property and increases the security of fire brigades.

  • Designed for quick and efficient application of FireIce for urban or wildland firefighting
  • Great tool for direct fire suppression as well as exposure protection
  • User friendly and easy to clean
  • ULC Approved  

The gel FireIce is also available in jar of 25 lb, in size bottle, in fire extinguisher and in aluminium eductor system.