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Product: 07428
Protection wear and accessorie

Pyrolon® Plus 2

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Model: 07428
Supplier: Lakeland

Perfect for use over thermally protective and arc protective clothing!

From coveralls to lab coats to dosimeter stripped nuclear wear, disposable clothing of Pyrolon® Plus 2 come with all the essential features, distinct advantages and assurances of protection that only quality design and materials can deliver. Second generation Pyrolon® Plus 2 offers wet or dry strength superior to that provided by other traditional Flame Resistant disposables. Pyrolon® Plus 2 is breathable, making this a cool and comfortable garment to wear. Pyrolon® Plus 2 can be used in work environments where hazardous or non-hazardous contaminants may be present. Pyrolon® Plus 2 quality standards meet ANSI/ISEA 101.

Designed to be worn over woven thermally protective coveralls, such as woven Nomex®, for environments where flash fire is a concern. Do not use for fire protection. Avoid open flame or intense heat. Pyrolon® Plus 2 garments are not washable. Washing removes the special finishes, thereby removing the flame retardancy, water and oil repellent characteristics.

Available sizing

Small to 5XL

available models
Model Description Size Quantity per box
07428 Pyrolon® Plus 2 Coverall, zipper closure, attached hood, elastic wrists and ankles.. S to 5XL

All Pyrolon® Plus 2 garments are available in white or Blue. For Blue, add a “B” at the end of the style number.