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Product: 300-A

Duo Safety series 300-A combination ladder

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Model: 300-A
Supplier: Duo Safety

The 300 series combination ladder is ideal for indoor fire fighting. In attics and other confined places, this sturdy, ruggedly constructed ladder can be quickly, easily changed from an 8' step to a 13' extention. Extra strong rails and rungs are typical of the heavy duty construction that means extra safety and service provided by this practical, versatile ladder.

  • Combination jackknife A and single aluminum ladder
  • One man load 

closed length height as step ladder length extended overal width banking thickness weight
  6,1 ft 5,6 ft   9 in  23 1/4 in 4,75 in  34 lbs
  8,1 ft 7,6 ft 13 in  23 1/4 in  4,75 in  42 lbs
10,1 ft 9,6 ft 15 in   23 1/4 in  4,75 in  47 lbs