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Product: LA-44931

The Siege - Hand Lantern

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Model: 44931
Supplier: Streamlight

Rugged, cordless, alkaline battery-powered lantern provides 360° of soft, even light that illuminates a large area.

  • Polycarbonate glare-reducing cover provides soft, even 360° light distribution; cover is removable to illuminate large areas
  • Stand it upright or to use as an overhead light or hang it with D-ring on base of lantern
  • Ergonomic handle designed to lock in upright or stowed position; incorporated hook allows for hanging on horizontal rope, cables and pipes
  • Battery level indicator changes from green, to yellow, to red, then to flashing red when batteries reach the end of their useable life
  • Durable, polymer construction with rubber molded base that provides stability on slippery or uneven surfaces
  • IPX7 waterproof to 1m submersion; it floats; 2m impact resistance tested
  • Size: 7.25'' x 3,8'' (9,65 x 18,41 cm); 1 lb. 15 oz (878.83 grams) with batteries

Multiple modes

white led (four c4 leds) with cover removed

Medium Low
175 33
Run time
30 H
70 H
295 H
red led (one red led)

SOS/ Flash Mode
Run time
235 H
430 H