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Product: LA-14501, LA-14502

UK4AA Xenon Front Switch

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Model : LA-14501, LA-14502
Supplier: Underwater Kinetics

In the category of our best sellers, UK4AA xenon with frontal switch of high performance has an elegant and a compact design, and is easily usable with gloves. This lamp will be unarguably the most reliable and profitable flashlight that you've never had possessed. 

  • Has a life cycle from 4 to 5 hours.
  • Throw some light to 100 m and until 3 m under the water.
  • Provided with a switch in front.
  • Optical system allowing to pass of a wide beam in a narrow beam easily.
  • Joined torique assures a protection against the water, the mud and the dust.
  • Easy load of piles.
  • Strong, resistant in the corrosion ABS and plastic onstruction polycarbonate.