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Product: LA-01100
Personal equipment and accessorie

VIP Survivor Light

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Model: LA-01100 (yellow)
Supplier: VIP Signal Light

The VIP Survivor Light Reusable visual identification beacon for Life Jackets and Life Rafts. The Adventure Lights VIP Survivor Light is a bright, lightweight, reusable, reliable beacon that has multiple marine applications.  Designed for military use on life rafts and submarine rescue, the Survivor Series VIP employs one of the brightest LEDs available.  It can be seen for over 5 miles (8 Km) and like all VIP lights; is rugged, waterproof and works even at -40 F, ¦the perfect addition for inflatable PFDs, Swift water vests, Ice Rescue and survival suits. The built-in metal clip will attach the VIP easily to most lash tabs and tie wrap (included) allow for permanent fastening.

Weight: 4 Oz.