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Product: KO-510304, KO-510221-120V
Light / Flashlight / Signalisation

Responder LED

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Model: KO-510314, KO-510221-120V
Supplier: Koehler

The LED Responder has interchangeable power supply with lithium ion rechargeable battery and AA Alkaline.


  • First RA with Lithium Ion battery technology.
  • Extremely LightWeight
  • Battery Charge Indicator
  • slim and compact to keep it
  • close to your body
  • led charge status indicator

UL Protection Methods

  • UL 913 CSA C22.2 No 157
  • Class I, II, III Div I Groups A-G
  • Class I, II, III Div II Groups C-G
  • Operating Temp code T3


  • KO-510304 - LED responder with alkaline batteries
  • KO-510221-120V - LED responder rechargeable with charger