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Product: KO-07810
Search and rescue light

LightHawk rechargeable flashlight

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Model: KO-07810 (4 cell)
Supplier: Koehler

  • At a mere 2.2 lbs., the Lighthawk weighs 33% less than the closest competition, but doesn't compromise a thing in terms of toughness and durability.
  • Strategically configured, pulsing, white and red taillight LEDs provide a proven visibility advantage over typical lantern LEDs
  • Superior brightness (264 lumens), lithium-ion battery technology (a lantern first), and Bright Star's high-quality reflector ensure superlative throw and smoke-piercing ability
  • Low battery indicator lets you know when you have 30 minutes of power remaining (another lantern first)

Available models
Battery Runtime (hours)
Charge time (hours)
Bulb type (xennon) Lumens Bulb life (hours)
Weight (lb) /(with bulb)
4 cell 2,5 3,5 12 W 264 50 2,2
6 cell 3,5 4,5 12 W 264 50 2,2
8 cell 10 6,5 5 W 104 50 2,2