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Product: OM-103
Gift idea

Multi-tools RES-Q-ME

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Model: OM-103

Supplier: TFT

The RES-Q-ME from Task Force Tips is a small versatile tool that can save your life! This patented device is intended to be placed with your car keys. It contains a spring loaded tool steel pin that will break any tempered glass window and a stainless steel blade for cutting seat belts. The break apart design allows the RES-Q-ME to be quickly removed from its storage location without removing the keys from the ignition. The RES-Q-ME is easily carried on a key ring or can be attached to different places in your vehicle.

RES-Q-ME is designed to work in emergency situations. With its integrated tool steel window punch, the RES-Q-ME can quickly pop out windows allowing you to extricate yourself from a vehicle. The heavy-duty seat belt cutter makes short work of vehicle seat belts and other web materials. Windows breaker spike automatically and can be used over and over again!