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Product: Bumper mounting plate F-40
Hose roller & unroller

Bumper mounting plate F-40

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Model: F-40
Supplie: Maxxera


The attachment plate of the F-40 series enables you quickly to install, in a simple click the F-40 Hose Roller directly on any type of Emergency units with a 12 ‘’ bumper. The Fixation Plate can be also installed on every type of flat surface in the Fire Station or on any type of vehicule; This allows the use of the F-40 Automatic Roller for multitude tasks like after an intervention directly on the back of the fire truck, installed on the hoses rack to automatically roll the hoses after the drying sequence.

  • Load capacity : 2000 lbs
  • Thickness : 3/8 po.
  • Dimensions : 12``x 4``x 3/8.
  • Attachement : 3 points of attachement