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Product: CMF191

Hercules V2 9” leather boot

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Model: CMF191
Supplier: Cosmas


Cosmas®, the next generation of fire boots, direct from Italy. NFPA-certified structural and wildland firefighting boots, with a reputation as the best fitting, highest quality, high-performance brand of personal protective footwear available.

  • 3 year warranty
  • Soft, full-grain leather collar ensures comfortable calves.
  • Durable, one-piece, full-grain leather upper construction. Fewer seams means more durability.
  • AnkleArmor™ contoured ankle guards protect ankles from knocks and dings - an industry first by Cosmas®.
  • Extended Lacing: Extends all the way down to the toe to ensure a precision fit.
  • Mountain inspired design: the first true hiking/mountaineering boot designed and certified for wildland firefighting.
  • Proprietary, welted, high traction, vulcanized nitrile rubber outsole with a true mountaineering tread design provides superior grip and stability. Equipped with ergonomic HeelRoll™ and ToeSpring™ to promote a natural walking motion.
  • Full-grain, water, flame, chemical, and cut resistant leather upper protects your foot.
  • Accordion-style flex point in the Achilles area allows the boot to flex where you do.
  • Fire-resistant Kevlar® thread throughout the upper ensures durability under fire.
  • Dual-Zone Contact™ Lacing System: Anatomically asymmetrical, with free floating lace points that allow the upper to conform precisely to the shape of each individual’s foot.
  • Bi-zonal Lacing: The first speed hook is a lace lock, allowing you to tighten the boot in the forefoot area, lock the
    lace, then tighten the upper part of the boot for a custom fit.
  • Anti-microbial removable footbed with molded EVA heelcup and arch conforms to your foot providing comfort and support.
  • Molded heel counter cups heel and provides support.
  • Tapered microfiber heel slide for ease of donning and doffing. Stitching is offset to prevent premature wear and blisters.
  • Open cell polyurethane foam padding is strategically placed throughout the upper for superior comfort and support.
  • Welted construction allows for resoling, extending the life of your boots.


5 to 13, 14, 15 in medium (D), wide (E); and extra-wide (EEE or X) widths


  • Latest edition of NFPA 1971


Sizing Info

You've heard the saying that no two people are alike, well no two feet are alike either. Getting the perfect fit in a pair of fire fighting boots is rarely as simple telling your chief that you wear a particular size. To get the right size, a good place to start is by having your feet measured on a Brannock device. A Brannock device measures the overall length, arch (ball-to-heel) length, and width of your foot, and all three measurements are factors in achieving a good fit. The overall length and arch length are the two most important measurements for determining length. Use the larger of these two measurements as a starting point for selecting your boot size.

When trying on boots make sure to bring the socks you would normally wear when using the boots for their intended purpose, and any orthotics or custom insoles you use. For the Vulcan, Hercules V2, and Helios, start by trying on the size and width determined by your Brannock device measurement. For the Titan, start by trying on the size and width determined by your Brannock device measurement, plus a 1/2 size.

You want to make sure that your toes are not touching the front of the boots. Ensure that the ball of your foot is positioned where the boot naturally flexes. Ensure that your feet are held snugly and comfortably in place while walking. Your heel should feel snug in the heelcup and should not slide up and down easily.

Ultimately, the right size for you is the size that fits, regardless of the number on the shoe or the box.