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Product: 430-0135 à/to 430-0141

Pro-Tech 8 TPR Gold, Firefighting Glove

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MODel: 430-0135 to 430-0141
SupplieR: TechTrade

The BRAND NEW TPR GOLD is the most comprehensive structural firefighting glove to date.

Pro-Tech 8 TPR GOLD Structural Firefighting Gloves are Certified Compliant to NFPA 1971-2018 and feature an NFPA 1971-2018 Compliant Porelle PTFE Moisture Barrier. Our new moisture barrier provides the best chemical and viral protection while keeping your hands dry and maintaining breathability.

The cut-level 8, fire retardant TPR knuckle guard, as well as our classic multi-later design using Kevlar and Nomex, provides maximum protection, durability, flexibility and comfort.

The TPR Gold is made from 100% water-resistant, FR treated goatskin. Goatskin has a high natural oil content which makes it soft and pliable. It’s more durable than cowhide, much lighter and more flexible.

The TPR is available with a convertible cuff/debris blocker that extends the glove body for protection at the vulnerable glove-sleeve interface.


  • 100% Kevlar® Convertible Cuff/Debris Blocker for superior protection at the vulnerable glove-sleeve interface.
  • Advanced Multi-Layer Design Includes Sueded Goat Skin Palm for Grip and Durability and Fully Lined Kevlar® Glove Body for Added Protection
  • NFPA 1971 Compliant Porelle® PTFE Moisture and Blood Borne Pathogen Barrier
  • Flexible Finger Sidewalls of Kevlar® and Nomex® Maximize Dexterity
  • Fully Knitted 100% Modacrylic Bacteria Free Inner Liner
  • Cut Level 8 Fire Retardant TPR Knuckle Guard and FR Gel Pads on Back of Fingers for Added Back of Hand Protection
  • Fire Retardant Gel Pads on Palm and Thumb for Enhanced Grip
  • HiVis Yellow Reflective Stripe and Leather Pull Tab for Easy Donand Doff


These are suggested equivalent sizes. Please, download the guideline for sizing informations.

  • 64N (XSmall equivalent), 430-0135 model
  • 70N (Small equivalent), 430-0136 model
  • 76N (Medium equivalent), 430-0138 model
  • 76W (Large equivalent), 430-0139 model
  • 82N (XLarge equivalent), 430-0140 model
  • 82W (XXLarge equivalent), 430-0141 model