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Product: CTL412
Protection wear and accessorie

MicroMax NS CTL412

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Model: CTL412
Supplier: Lakeland

This line of general purpose protective clothing can be used in work environments where hazardous or non-hazardous contaminants may be present. Very economical and lightweight, MicroMAX®NS features high MVTR and is breathable for worker comfort. MicroMAX® NS is strong, wet or dry, perfect for work environments where dirt, grime, splashes and spills are present.

available models  
models description available sizes case pack 
CTL412 Coverall, zipper closure S - 6X  25
CTL414 Coverall, zipper closure, attached boots, elastic wrists S - 6X  25
CTL417 Coverall, zipper closure, elastic wrists and ankles S - 6X  25
CTL428 Coverall, zipper closure, attached hood, elastic wrists and ankles  S - 6X  25
CTL101 Lab Coat, 3 snaps, 2 sewn-on pockets (1 hip, 1 breast) S - 6X  30
CTL501 Smock, long sleeves, attached ties  S - 6X   50
CTL601 Apron, sewn ties, 28" x 36"  One size  100
CTL850-18 Sleeves, elastic ends 18" lenght   100 pair
CTL904  Shoe Cover, vinyl sole  One size  200 pair
CTL905  Boot Cover, vinyl sole, elastic ankles One size  200 pair