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Cairns XF1 Fire Helmet

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Model : XF1
Supplier : MSA

Introducing the new Cairns XF1 Fire Helmet, a new jet-style helmet from MSA engineered to meet North American firefighting standards.

Cairns has always been at the head of innovation, and today is no different. The XF1's brimless style delivers enhanced technology integration while maintaining the quality, durability, and safety performance firefighters have come to expect from the MSA Cairns brand.


  • Compliant NFPA 1971, 2018 edition
  • Available in Red, Yellow, black and white
  • Available in mat or gloss finish
  • Ergonomic, well balanced design, providing unmatched comfort in all operating conditions
  • 2 helmet sizes ensuring an optimal fit for both small and large head sizes
  • Effective, intuitive and robust adjustment mechanisms, ensuring optimal fit for all user profiles
  • Unique adjustable ocular visor – fitting over prescription glasses while providing gap-free enclosure
  • Extended thermal and mechanical protection even in extremely hot conditions
  • Fully integrated LED lighting module with side illumination to reduce snag hazards and improve situational awareness
  • Integrated communications with an internal headset to maximize firefighter interaction
  • Easy to disassemble, clean, and reinstall soft goods, helping firefighters comply with cancer prevention directives
  • Contoured style comfortably fits 99% of firefighters
  • Sophisticated new design to offer best in class protection, comfort and adjustability
  • Eye and face protection with unique adjustments for enhanced protection, fit and comfort
  • Modularity for reduced cost of ownership and increased flexibility
  • A modern design that is stylish and integrates functionalities in a way never seen before
  • All cairns XF1 fire helmet configurations include NFPA-compliant full faceshield, lime/yellow retroreflective trim, blank front plate and black Nomex ear lap