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Gallet F1 XF, Firefighting Helmet

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Model : F1 XF
Supplier : MSA

This helmet, offering unique and robust design is on the cutting edge of technology. This is the new benchmark for struggle against the fire helmets ! With its expanded coverage area, its unique protection against radiant heat and its increased stability, the Gallet F1 XF helps improve efficiency in situations where gaining ground is what matters the most.

Specifications and options

  • Face screen EN14458
  • Textile cover and interior for unparalleled comfort
  • Integrated lighting and reflective finishes
  • Head, eye and face protection
  • Integrated light and reflective trim
  • Exceptional durability
  • XP/XP LED and AS-R lamp available


  •  White, yellow, black, white and red.


  • CE marking according to EU Directive 89/686 for Personal Protective Equipments.
  • Helmet approved to EN 443:2008, type B, including optional requirements.
  • Faceshield approved to EN 14458:2004, Face guard, including optional requirements.
  • Ocular visor approved to EN 14458:2004, Eye guard, including optional requirements.
  • MED/SOLAS approval for use on ships
  • For details please refer to technical specifications.

Operating Manual

Download Operating manual

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