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Product: ALFDP-33
Portable pools and accessories

De-Con Pools

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Model: ALFDP-33
Supplier: Husky


  • Aluminum Or Steel Folding Frame Type
  • Self Supporting Type (Self Rising Sides)
  • All Air Wall Type
  • De-Con Shower Type
  • Sizes—3’x3’, 4’x4’, 5’x5’, 4’x8’ , other sizes available

Product no.
ALFDP-33 Aluminium frame
ALFDP-44 Aluminium frame
ALFDP-55 Aluminium frame


Aluminium frame
HCP-75 Self supporting
HCP-100 Self supporting
HCP-150 Self supporting
HCP-200 Self supporting
STFDP-33 Steel frame
STFDP-44 Steel frame
STFDP-55 Steel frame
STFDP-48 Steel frame
DCS-44 De-Con Shower
DCS-55 De-Con Shower