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Product: SLB-15NH
Portable pools and accessories

Supply Line Brackets

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Model: Supply Line Brackets
Supplier: Husky


  • Sizes, 1 1/2” to 5”, Male Or Female Threads, Female NH (NST) Threads Are Standard. Any Threads Available
  • Single and Double Supply Line Brackets Available
  • Storz and Camlock Fittings Available
  • Heavy Duty Clamps With Tabs For Securing To Your Frame
  • Fits Any Type Of Frame and Any Manufacturers Frame
  • Tested to 200 PSI

Product no.
SLB-15NH (Single) 3 lbs
SLB-25NH 3 lbs
SLB-30NH 4 lbs
SLB-40NH 10 lbs
SLB-45NH 11 lbs
SLB-50NH 11 lbs
SLB-15DBLNH (Double) 4 lbs
SLB-25DBLNH 5 lbs
SLB-30DBLNH 5 lbs