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Product: 10102002
Fall Arrest

Workman Tripod

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Model: 10102002
Supplier: MSA


Ease of Use

The Workman Tripod is very easy to use. A simple setup procedure makes the process quick and promotes correct use. Features that improve ease of use include:

  • Legs automatically lock in the open position for added safety.
  • A maximum height indicator provides quick and easy identification of the maximum leg extension length.
  • There is no need for a separate pulley/bracket assembly, which makes hoist attachment easier and faster.
  • Accessories can attach to any leg for faster set up.
  • Aluminium leg and head design reduces weight, improving portability.
  • Telescoping legs (up to 8 ft. high) do not tangle when the unit is collapsed, for easier transportation and storage.


A tripod needs to hold up well under use, and the Workman Tripod does. Built for durability, the unit features:

  • Skid-resistant feet with built-in leg base support strap that improves stability and strengthens the entire system.
  • Cut-resistant pin retention chains that enable an extended service life.
  • An internal leg-locking mechanism prevents accidental disengagement during use and reduces the possibility of damage to the mechanism during use or while in storage.


The Workman Tripod offers great versatility:

  • The leg base support strap also serves as a convenient carrying strap.
  • Tripod legs feature 4-inch incremental adjustments with easy-to-insert ball detent pins.
  • The unit is “backwards compatible” with the MSA Lynx® Hoist and Lynx
  • Rescuer, eliminating the need to purchase new equipment or undergo costly upgrades.

Available models

product No.

CSA part No.
MSA-10102002 10102002 Workman Tripod
MSA-10105271 10115109 Confined Space Entry Kit with Lynx Hoist and Lynx Rescuer
MSA-10117244 10115110 Confined Space Entry Kit with Lynx Rescuer 

Replacements parts and accessories

product No.

MSA-1015612 Leg base support strap
MSA-10089207 Carabiner
MSA-506222 Pulley
MSA-10011744 Lynx Rescuer
MSA-10016569 Side Mount Lynx Hoist
MSA-506232 Lynx Rescuer Mounting Bracket
MSA-10105656 Tripod duffel bag
MSA-507151 Hoist/Rescuer carrying bag