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Product: 400-5064
Protection against contaminants

Quantifit respiratory fit tester

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Model: 400-5064 
Supplier: OHD

Gold standard in respiratory fit testing!

The OHD Quantifit Fit Tester offers the greatest accuracy in ensuring the most reliable method of fit testing in the market today. Quantifit does not just count, it detects a leak point and verifies the integrity of the mask. The Quantifit uses the 5-Step REDON protocol which is written into the OSHA federal regulation. This means greater results with respirator wearers and the ability to fit test three times faster when compared to aerosol fit testers.

The Quantifit meets both OSHA regulation and NFPA standards for fit testing in addition to a US federal standard NIST (National Institute of Science & Technology) calibration. Certifications include: UL,CE and CSA.

Proven technology

The Fit Tester 3000 and Quantifit are the only two fit testers on the market that comply with OSHA's 5-step Redon Protocol. The protocol requires fit testing to be done using Controlled Negative Pressure technology (CNP). The Quantifit is the only fit tester that has a patented controlled negative pressure technology. It can complete a fit test following the 5-step protocol in three minutes or less making it the fastest fit tester on the market.

The CNP technology

Since the particle counting sampling biases mean elevated fit factors with a significant margin of error that could make the difference between a respirator that is 
protecting an employee’s health and one that is not. OHD Quantifit’s advanced Controlled Negative Pressure technology uses pressure wave propagation instead of particle migration to measure mask leaks, so there are no aerosol particles to worry about losing before they can physically migrate to the sampling probe and particle detector. lnstead, CNP technology gives you a direct measurement of respirator leakage quickly and accurately regardless of the source.


  • Fastest fit testing available
  • Most rigorous tests
  • Direct measurement of leaks
  • NIST calibration
  • Flexible data management software
  • Warranty