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Product: 400-5215
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Firebag MTL, Facepiece Bag

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MODEL: 400-5215

The Firebag facepiece bag was created by firefighters for firefighters.

It has been designed not only to store and protect your facepiece while in the firehouse but also during interventions. Equipped with a hanging loop, the bag can be hung on your bunker suit and thus protecting your facepiece from debris and contaminants until you need to don your SCBA.
Each bag is completely unique since they are made from recycled bunker gear. The color of the bag as well as the reflective trim vary for each bag, but the components remain the same.

  • Made in Montreal
  • Made from recycled bunker gears
  • Bi-directional zipper
  • Dimension: 10.5’’ x 11’’
  • Equipped with a hanging loop
  • Padded liner
  • Mesh bottom which allows draining
  • Small pocket inside the bag
  • Reflective trim: yellow
  • Color : Tan