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Product: 10169711

G1 RIT System

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MODel: MSA-10015491
SupplieR: MSA

G1 RIT System has everything needed for RIT response. Internal pneumatics includes a G1 RIT System quick-connect pressure reducer that mounts directly onto user-supplied SCBA cylinder.

Two pneumatic supply lines are provided:

  • Six-foot high pressure supply line that terminates with female Quick-Fill System fitting
  • Six-foot intermediate pressure supply line that terminates with ExtendAire II System manifold assembly; features male and female locking quick-disconnects System offers versatility, allowing end users to select configurations that offer:
    • Quick-connect second-stage G1 MMR • Remote external gauge for easy cylinder pressure readings
    • Medium size G1 Facepiece with four-point Speed-ON® Head Harness
    • URC fitting on G1 RIT System pressure reducer that allows for interconnection of G1 RIT Systems

G1 RIT System features include:

  • G1 Pressure-Demand Facepiece
  • Mask-mounted pressure-demand second-stage regulator
  • High-pressure first-stage regulator
  • Audible warning bell
  • Iron-Cloth RIT bag with skid plate, shoulder strap and storage compartments
  • EBSS system accessory
  • Quick-draw transfill hose pocket pulls out hose end, ready to grab
  • Flashlight holder makes bag easier to find within low visibility conditions
  • Two tool pockets provide fast access to small hand tools and light sticks
  • Reflective tape for 360-degree visibility
  • Additional webbing attaches rope bag to outside of RIT bag
  • Abundant number of skid plate rivets provide maximum durability
  • Inner strap better secures cylinder in bag