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Product: MSA-10088034

Stand-alone Personal Alert Safety System, motionScout

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Model : 10088034

Supplier : MSA

The autonomous personal generation of alarm system motion SCOUT detects any ruling of movement and triggers an automatic alarm. To improve the security, the alarm can also be manually started. As a general rule, this detector is adapted for all the times when a person can be brought to enter or to work in a potentially dangerous environment.

  • distinctive audible alarm of 95 dB in 3 m
  • 2 very bright LEDs
  • without maintenance, it is simply enough to replace batteries
  • 3 signals / second at the maximum sound level
  • dimensions : 100 x 75 x 45 mm (a hour x L x P)
  • weight : 230 g (with battery)
  • autonomy of the battery : paused 200 hours; 10 hours in alarm
  • guaranteed 2 years (except battery)