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Product: R90
Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue camera, Visio Search R90

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Model: R90


Search and communication camera on a reel. Extends to depths of 295 feet (90 meters) or optional 590 feet (180 meters)!


Designed for locating victims in wells, underground cavities, mountain rescue, Air/Sea Rescue and many more applications (water submersible with use of adaptor)

With VISIO SEARCH R90, rescuers can make visual contact and communicate with victims with ease, up to a depth or distance of 295 feet (90m).

VISIO SEARCH R90 includes

  • Color camera
  • Connection Cable 295 feet (90 m) long on a reel with a rotating coupling for continuous outlay
  • Portable console with a 7 inch 16/9 extra wide screen.
  • Integral 2 way voice communication system (headset, microphone and speaker).
  • Option: Additional 295 foot (90m) cable reel for visual searching up to a depth of 590 feet (180m).

Other specifications

  • Two-way voice communication for up to 295 feet (90m)
  • Option: Visual searching possible to a depth of 590 feet (180m)
  • Video output (PAL) for external recording
  • 7 high clarity screen
  • Zoom x 2
  • Illumination to more than 20 feet (6m) with LED lighting
  • Camera position