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Product: LEA-R20.00.105.
Smoke Generator

Leader Smoke Machine

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MODeL: R20.00.105.
Supplier: Leader

Generates dense and realistic smoke for safe trainings!

LEADER Smoke, smoke generators, perfectly meets the training needs to fill small to very large volumes of smoke in few minutes!

They produce a dense and realistic smoke in order to create favorable conditions for training in optimal safety conditions.

  • Continuous operation at reduced flow by default for a maximum fluid economy
  • Adjustable flow for a light smoke or dense smoke
  • Possibility to program the diffusion for dosing the volume of smoke required for each scenario and choose the smoke diffusion time
  • Permanent heating system for a dense smoke diffusion continuously to avoid operation interruptions during the programmed period
  • Water-resistant and compact design for a reduced congestion
  • Removable and robust remote control allowing multi-purpose use for triggering smoke emissions at distance (Remote control unit : 3 pin XLR with 5 m of cable)
  • Leader guarantee: 2 years 

Recommended fluids: LEADER Smoke fluid composed of water and glycol

  • The smoke produced is safe and without any toxic hazard
  • Low depot
  • Environmentally friendly fluid
  • Economic
  • Fluid capacity: 5 litres
  • Fluid consumption: 75 ml/min


LEADER Smoke 2
R20.00.103 for 220 V
R20.00.105 for 110 V

LEADER Smoke 4
R20.00.104 for 220 V
R20.00.106 for 110 V

Heat Exchanger 1000 W 1500W Hi-Mass Technology
Heat up time 7 minutes 8 minutes
Overheat protection Yes (System DTPD : Direct Thermal Protection Device) Yes (System DTPD : Direct Thermal Protection Device)
Effective coverage 500 m³/min in continuous operation at reduced output 1000 m³/min in continuous operation at reduced output
Power consumption 4,5 A @ 220 V
9.5 A @ 110 V
7 A @ 220 V
14 A @ 110 V
Size 500 x 225 x 165 mm
19.7 x 8.9 x 6.5"
685 x 345 x 225 mm
27 x 13.6 x 8.9"
Weight 11 kg / 24.25 lbs 19 kg / 41.9 lbs
Removable remote control Yes, 5 m / 16.4" of cable Yes, 5 m / 16.4" of cable
Recommended fluids LEADER Smoke fluid LEADER Smoke fluid
Capacité du réservoir embarqué

1 x 2,5 litres - LEA-MS97121223

1 x 9,5 litres
Fluid consumption 75 ml/min 150 ml/min