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Product: Ventilation Duct
Fan accessorie

Ventilation duct

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MODEL: Ventilation Duct

Duct for special PPV firefighting operations. Excellent for channeling fan air or extracting smoke in complex operations. Duct supplied with integrated bag.

Model Description Adaptable to these fans
I60.20.152 Diameter: 16.9 in
Length: 5 m
Weights: 28 lb
Need adaptor: I60.20.149
Gasoline-drive: MT215L / MT225 / MT236 / MT240
Electric: BATfan / ES220 / ES230 / ESP230 / ESV230 / EDS230 / EVG230
Water-driven: MH236
I60.20.113 Diameter: 23.6 in
Length: 5 m
Weights: 37.5 lb
Gasoline-driven: MT245 / MT280 / MT296
Electric: ES245 / ESV245 / ESP280 / ESV280 / ParkFan80
Water-driven: MH260
I61.20.002 Diameter: 11.8 in
Length: 5 m
Weightd: 26.5 lb
Electric: SA315