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Product: MH 260
Water-driven PPV fan

260 EASY pow'air, thermal fan

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Model: MH 260
Supplier: Leader

  • Flowrate: 29 723 CFM
  • Automatic tilting
  • Positioning from 2 to 6 m: Constant efficiency from 2 to 6 m from opening
  • Noise: Place the fan at a greater distance to reduce noise level for user.
  • Easy to handle & stable: Thanks to large very wide rear wheels, MT260 is particularly easy to handle even on soft ground
  • Reinforced turbine
  • Wraparound protective chassis: Epoxy coating.
  • Motor characteristics Vanguard 9 HP
  • Self-sufficiency at top speed (inclined operation): 2h00
  • Sizes L x H x D: 28.35 x 28.35 x 24.41 inches
  • Weight: 113 pounds