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Product: Séries PEB
Smoke Ejector

Fantraxx ejector - PEB Series

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Modèle: PEB Series
Fournisseur: Fantraxx

Description: The PEB series Positive Pressure Ventilator is built on the same frame and has the same standard features as the gasoline engine driven ventilators. The PEB series features 115/230V, TEFC motors with 6ft cords. These units are essential in applications where it is critical that no carbon monoxide and other exhaust contaminants be introduced into buildings or enclosures. The PEB series Positive Pressure Ventilator runs at sound levels that are considerably quieter than their gasoline engine powered counterparts..

Model CFM
Set back
HP T/Min Tension

Amps 115 volts

weight (lb)

Dimensions H x w x l

PEB18-1 9440
20° 60" 1
 115/230V 14 A
21.25" x 21" x 20"
PEB21-1 12803
20° 84" 1.5 1750
 115/230V 17.2 A

27" x 26.25" x 21.25"

PEB24-1 15875
20° 72" 2
 115/230V 18.4 A
31" x 28.5" x 21.5"