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Product: OM-SS-000C1
Hazmat sealing kit

Kit C-1

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Model: OM-SS-000C1
Supplier: Edwards & Cromwell MFG Inc.

Convient take along kit

Now one conveninetly-designed kit prepares youto react quickly and effectively when hazardous materials escape from pipes. In its carrying case, Response Kit C-1 contains : vented pipe plugs for 1"-4" pipe diameters, non-vented plugs for all other sizes, and tools for easy installation.

Fast and easy to use

No Compilated procedures are required and no additional tools are needed to utilize these pipe plugs. Because most hazardous material leaks create a potentially life-threatening or property-threatening situation, no emergency response vehicule is fully equipped without Kit C-1. Also, by containing a problem before it gets out of hand, your staff can save valuable man-hours that might otherwise be spent in full-scale evacuation of an area.

  • Leaking gas meters
  • Lenking water pipes
  • Leaking tank truck valves
  • Hundreds of other uses