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Product: OM-SS-000C2 & OM-SS-000C3
Hazmat sealing kit

Kit C-2 and C-3

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Model: OM-SS-000C2 & OM-SS-000C3
Supplier: Edwards & Cromwell MFG Inc.

The kits you need to complete your emergency response arsenal.

Combine this series of kits with a kit from our universal series, one from our pipe plugger series, and our large leak models and your team will have the most complete, most versatile collection of emergency leak control devices the Haz-Mat Industry has ever seen. This series contains a complete set of external pipe bandages covering nominal pipe sizes from ½" to 8". Complete with tools (Sandard or non-sparking) and carrying case makes for ease of handling and usage. Kit C-2 contains 10 patches covering ½" to 4" pipes. Kit C-3 contains 3 lrge patches covering 5", 6" and 8" pipes.

Typical uses include :
  • Water pipe
  • Gas lines.
  • Air lines
  • Fuel tansferpipes
  • Chemical transfer lines
  • Sewer pipes
  • All low pressure lines from ½" to 8"
  • Unlimited uses in municip0al departements, chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, oil field, water and sewer treatment plants, etc., anywhere a pipe or line is used. This series of kits should be on stand-by for when that inevitable leaking pipe presents itself.