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Product: BY-D-123-S
Hose roller & unroller

Tilt-Top hose loading turn table

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Model: BY-D-123-S
Supplier: Areo-Fire


Simple, fast, secure, the turntable operates in both vertical and horizontal positions. Each position allows this remarkable device to perform different functions ranging from a re-roller to a re-loader.

In the horizontal position the Tilt-Top is used as a re-loader. Merely roll the Tilt-Top to your pumper to change a load, or re-roll directly from the apparatus floor.

With the turntable in the vertical position the Tilt Top is used to re-roll hose. While re-rolling in this position the hose is also throughly drained. The Tilt-Top rolls a tight, uniform coil with edges flush, ideal for carrying.

The Tilt-Top is made of very heavy gauge steel, with welded and bolted construction. It’s large diameter turn-table allows even extra long coils to be re-wound, and all hose diameters up to 5” can be accommodated.