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Product: MS2195
Personal equipment and accessorie

Deluxe anti-exposure coverall and worksuit, MS2195

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Model: MS2195
Supplier: Mustang


Mustang Survival's MS2195 Deluxe Anti-Exposure Coverall & Flotation Work Suit? is designed with Mustang Airsoft™ foam for a lighter and more comfortable fit than the Classic Flotation Suit. Comfort Cuff™ technology creates a relaxed, comfortable fit around the wrists, and is matched by the overall relaxed and comfortable fit of the suit design. Featuring two chest pockets, large front cargo pockets and an inflatable head pillow for additional in-water support and buoyancy, this suit blends functionality and features to meet the demands of a wide-range of professional and industrial uses.

Mustang Survival flotation suits are designed to protect the wearer from foul or cold weather, and use closed-cell foam to offer flotation and hypothermia protection in the event of water immersion. Tug-Tite® technology and Velcro™ wrist and ankle closures improve fit and limit water flushing if immersed, SOLAS reflective tape enhances visibility and an insulated hood is easily stowed in the collar for convenience.

  • Small to XXXL

Black and Orange


CAN/CGSB 65.11 & CAN/CGSB 65.21

  • Mustang AirSoft foam for flotation and hypothermia protection - immersed clo value of 0.420
  • Inflatable head support pillow for additional buoyancy
  • Neoprene wrist closures for weather protection
  • Tug-Tite® at thighs and ankles for improved fit
  • Ergonomic insulated hood folds into collar
  • Two chest pockets and extra large hip pockets
  • SOLAS reflective tape enhances visibility