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Product: AK-S150

AK-S150 or AK-S150E

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SUPPLIER: United Fire Safety Co.

Lance 1 1/2 po fog jet combination, made of molded polycarbonate and accurately from the latest developments in the industry. Ideal for industrial and commerciel facilities, as well as small fire companies. 


Red or chrome plated

Nets available 
  • NHT, SIPT, NY (FD), NY Corp., Chicago (FD), Pacific Coast.
  • Height: 4 5/8 po.
  • Flow : 75 GPM (American).
  • Approved by Factory Mutual, ULC listed and labeled.
  • Available in size 2 po; model AK-2521.
  • Available in size 3/4 po; model AK-S101 (green; model AK-S102).