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Product: GEL-FI25
Specialised extinguisher

FireIce 25 lb Bucket

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Model : GEL-FI25
Supplier : FireIce

Water Tames Fire…FireIce® Kills It! 

  • Now on the U.S Forestry Qualified Products List! 
  • It's a dry powder. Add water and it becomes a powerful fire suppressant gel that stops fire in its tracks
  • Versatile tool used as a direct fire suppressant or a medium term retardant
  • Safe for firefighting equipment, inert, environmentally friendly, and is easy to use
  • Does not require expensive retrofits for usage or harsh chemicals for wash down or clean up
  • Makes fire suppression safer and easier than ever, providing a cost effective solution to fight fires that saves lives and property
  • Available in single 3.125 oz. bottles, case of 24 3.125 oz. bottles, and 25lb. Bucket
  • ULC Approved

Material safety DATA SHEET:

A powerful weapon against fire
When the FireIce® dry powder is added to water in very low concentrations (0.1 to 1.2 percent by weight) it rapidly absorbs water to produce a firefighting water enhancing gel that stops fire in its tracks. The dry powder is self dispersing in many applications, or can be easily mixed by in-line induction or by simple circulation. Consistency (viscosity) depends on the selected concentration. Try it out for yourself: Add one 3.125 oz. bottle to a standard 2.5 gallon water and watch a fire die fast! When applied directly to flame, FireIce® breaks the fire triangle by adhering to the fuel, rapidly cooling the heat source, and suffocating the fuel from its oxygen. Use as direct suppression, medium-term fire retardant or indirect proactive suppression as a protective barrier. Works great in most structural applications, vehicle, tire and dumpster fires. Wildland departments are beginning to learn of the amazing capabilities that FireIce® has suppressing fires in forests, brush and grass lands. Also a great option for the protection of structures and property exposed to an advancing fire.

Cost Effective and Apparatus Friendly
No proportioning mixing plants or costly retrofits needed. Add one 3.125 oz. bottle to a standard 2.5 gallon water and be amazed at the fire fighting effectiveness. FireIce® can be also be used in ground and air apparatus tanks with an eductor. A 25 lb. bucket mixed with 250 gallons of water (10:1 ratio) works best for exposure protection, i.e. coating houses or property. A 25 lb. bucket mixed with 500 gallons of water (20:1 ratio) gives fire departments the ability to extend their tanks and still get excellent knockdown and control. In many applications the gel forms a cohesive layer which acts as a vapor barrier and prolongs the effectiveness of the water. No oily residues makes clean up quick and easy. Safe for equipment, inert, and environmentally friendly.

Saves water, time and money
Adding FireIce®, significantly increases the knockdown power than water alone, thereby reducing the total amount of water needed to control and extinguish the fire. Knocking the fire down quickly and efficiently also leads to faster clean-up and turnaround time as well as getting firefighters out of harms way quicker. The effectiveness, ease of use, and versatility of FireIce® provides you with a cost effective solution to fight fires and save more lives and property. Available in single 3.125 oz. bottles, case of 24 3.125 oz. bottles, and 25lb. bucket.

How is FireIce® different from foam?

Foam consists of air bubbles in water (and a small amount of surfactant). When the bubbles burst, the foam collapses. Water when mixed with FireIce®, is held by a three-dimensional network of cross-linked polymers. When FireIce®, is applied to the fire, the water evaporates and the gel collapses sapping the fire of not only heat but oxygen as well. It takes longer for water to evaporate from the polymer, than for air bubbles to burst. This is how FireIce™ provides long lasting, efficient fire suppression and protection.

FireIce Testimonial

On Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 6:27 pm, the Fredon Township (NJ) Volunteer Fire Company received a call reporting a working tractor fire at a residential address in our town. Chief Virgil Rome, responding direct, arrived on location 5 minutes after being dispatched and observed a John Deere garden tractor fully involved in fire. The elderly homeowner reported that the tractor had caught fire while inside the garage and that he had been able to push it just outside. Chief Rome quickly grabbed a water can from his Incident Command vehicle. A small bottled quantity of FireIce gel had been added to this water can approximately two years earlier in 08’. Within seconds of hitting the fire with the water/FireIce mixture, the heavy fire was knocked down and a gel coating was seen to form on the fire area preventing further fire spread and extension to the residence and property. Afterwards, it was determined that only 1/3 of the contents of the water can were used to extinguish the fire, which had consumed the entire engine area of the tractor. When the first engine arrived minutes later; all that remained for the firefighters was some salvage and overhaul of the machinery to ensure that the fire was indeed out and it was.

Virgil Rome, Fire Chief
Fredon Township, New Jersey 

In Summary, based on 14 years of firefighting in the California Urban Interface environment and having used and tested numerous products for suppressing fires and protecting structures we believe that “FireIce” gel creates ability for any fire suppression apparatus to protect structures and suppress a variety of fires without requiring costly equipment, training and maintenance. It provides for increased firefighter safety and allows for more efficient use equipment and personnel in a resource limited situation. It enhances effectiveness and efficient use of water. It is non-corrosive, inert and easy to clean up. It is our opinion is an exceptional product and delivers upon it promise to suppress fire in a multitude of situations. We have implemented it as another tool in our arsenal to combat fire, save lives and property. 

Cary J. Coleman, Fire Chief


On January 4, 2012, a date that I will remember for some time, our department (East Glacier Park Volunteer Fire Department) received a call from Browning Volunteer Fire Department for mutual aid assistance on a large grass fire. What began as a small grass fire turned out to be the largest wild land fire in Blackfeet history. After IC found out we had a batch mix of FireIce in the departments fast attack truck we were quickly dispatched to a rural community that was in the path of the raging fire. For awhile it seemed questionable whether or not we would even reach the area due to the strong winds driving the flames in different directions preventing us from moving forward. Through determination and team work we were able to arrive prior to the fire.

At this time the fire was extremely unpredictable, 40+ mph winds with gust up to 70 mph kept the fire screaming across the plains and jumping erratically around. After a quick review of the area and surrounding homes, understanding we were pressed for time, I determined that the immediate houses in the path of the fire needed to be coated and protected. Shortly thereafter, considering the weather conditions and frequent wind change, we were directed to leave the area. Fortunately we were able to coat a few homes in hopes of saving them from the fire. 

Shortly after we were able to return to the area and inspect the homes we had sprayed with FireIce. Upon arrival, it was blatantly evident that this product far exceeded our expectations. The wind break bushes less than ten feet away from the houses were a blaze with flames yet the houses appeared totally uncompromised by the fire.

Members of the East Glacier Park Volunteer Fire Department including myself and other local volunteers were amazed at the efficiency and effectiveness of FireIce. The product batch we had utilized to coat these houses was mixed in the tank back in September of 2011 (4 months earlier). Even though we were told it wouldn’t gel up or go bad, many in our dept and Browning VFD were skeptical.

In my 22 years of fire fighting, I’ve never seen or come across a product that is as efficient as FireIce and I have used other commonly used suppression products such as foam, other gels and fire retardants. Our dept will be using FireIce on every structure and car fire that we respond to.

Fire Chief Ben Steele, East Glacier Park V.F.D.
East Glacier Park, Montana