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Product: Nav 19 HD

Nautic & Art, model NAV 19 HD

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Model: Nav 19 HD
Supplier: Nautic & Art


Given the immense responsibility involved in marine rescue, it can be a relief for lifesaving teams to be able to count on a partner that clearly listens and responds to their very specific needs.

When every second counts, rescue equipment can be the difference between life and death. Whether it's a rapid-deploy rescue on ice (patent pending on inflation system) or a fast rescue boat, Nautic & Art has the product to satisfy your needs.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of demanding professionals and Special Forces, the NAV 14 HD, NAV 16 HD and NAV 19 HD are ideal boats for performing multi-purpose tasks in complete safety.

These boats can be customized to meet your specific operational & colour requirements. 

Capacity NAV 19 HD
Max. # of persons 15
Max. payload 2100 kg
Dimensions NAV 19 HD
Overall Length 5,8 m
Interior Length 4,1 m
Overall Width 2,6 m
Interior Width 1,2 m
Weight (empty) 230 kg
Tube Diameter 0,64 m
safety / Inflation
#Air chambers 7
Rigid wooden keel (Marine grade) 1
Power NAV 19 HD
Shaft length Long
Maximum HP 60 HP
Puissance maximal 90 HP