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Product: RFV-22 HammerHead

RFV-22 HammerHead, Rosborough

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Model: RFV 22  HammerHead
Supplier: Rosborough Boats


The RFV-22 HammerHead is part of the Rosborough Boats Professional Series evolution. The RFV-22 HammerHead hull is derived from the very popular Rough Water™ hull design providing unmatched stability, dry and soft bow entry into choppy waters and rough sea conditions.


The hull form is a constant deep vee with a transom deadrise of 21 degrees and a hydro step flat at the keel with lean bow sections and sharp fore foot. The new design will ensure very soft entry into rough seas and answer the need for a fast Hard-Shell with a user friendly ride. The wide hull and inside floor width provide exceptional work space and stability at speeds and at rest.


Construction for the new RFV-22 HammerHead employs an all new technique developed by Rosborough Boats. The Composite Modular Construction (CMC) utilizes the latest in composite technology with Vinylester resins and Corecell© core combined with unique molding and assembly of major components providing an ultra strong, light structure and allows versatility to layout and configuration options.

Positive Floatation

Positive level floatation is installed via expanded closed cell floatation foam to the modular enclosures under floor areas and makesthe RFV-22 HammerHead 100% unsinkable. The entire hull and structure interior is treated with fire retardant gelcoat coatings. All equipment and rigging is run through PVC conveyor tubes under center floors and the fuel system is configured center line in the hull and totally accessible via removable floor panels and hatches.

Self Draining

The RFV-22 HammerHead floor is self draining via two 4” freeing ports in the transom and all surfaces are non skid finish. The motor well is as well self draining and incorporates tow post (optional) mounting arrangement. Large forward under floor storage/cargo area is provided and accessible via large floor hatch.

Deck Layout

The center console control unit is laid out to provide ample control and instrumentation spaces and allow for adequate space forward for rescue stretcher and patient treatment accommodation space. Aluminum frame T-Top (optional) provided ample protection from sun and rain and is through bolted to the CMC hull bulkheads under the main floor.

Power Configuration

Power configuration is for single outboard motor with 25” leg and twin power and I/O diesel (Diesel Jet) are available power options. The RFV-22 HammerHead is rated for up to single 200 hp. or twin 115 hp. motors but will operate efficiently with smaller power as well. 

Physical Specification
LOA 21' 6'' 6.55 m
Beam 8' 6'' 2.6 m
Draft 20'' 0.51 m
Deadrise 21°
Cocpit Length (Ahead of Motorwell) 14' 4.27 m
Cockpit Width (At Floor) 7' 5"
2.26 m