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Product: Re-arm kits
Flotation vest

Re-arm kits, MA7202, MA7203 and MA7214

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Model: Re-arm kits
Supplier: Mustang


Re-Arm Kits are easy to install and include all required components to re-arm a PFD after it has been fired. Bobbins for Halkey-Roberts auto inflators should be replaced on a regular basis. Regular inspection and maintenance reduces the possibility of premature inflation. Refer to your owner's manual for the maintenance schedule.

Product Line Model Kit
Inflatable PFD with LIFT™ MD0100-Manual MA7210

MD0200, MC1900, MC1900HR-Auto MA7200

MD0450-Auto Hydrostatic MA7218
Deluxe Inflatable PFD MD3051 / MD3052 Manual MA7203

MD3053 / MD3054 Auto MA7202

MD3153 / MD3154 Auto Hydrostatic MA7214
Classic Inflatable PFD MD3010 Manual MA7174

MD3017 Auto MA7178
Inflatable Pouch PFD MD3021 Manual MA7174