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Product: OM-70FLPFT2.5
Pump accessories

Fuel tank for pump, model 70FLPFT2.5

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Model: 70FLPFT2.5
Supplier: Mercedes Textiles

  • A compact approved tank CSA for prolonged use. Very long-lasting and resistant to corrosion.  
  • 6,6 gal (25 L) capacity.
  • Available with an immediate fuel line. Chrysler and Mercury. 
  • Other lines available.    

    2.57 g (5,65 lb)

    available models

    70FLPFT2.5 / 70FLPFT5
    Pump fuel tank 2,6 or 6,6 gal (10 L / 25 L)
    Chysler fuel line 265 g / 0,58 lb
    70FLPFL-M Mercury fuel line 360 g / 0,79 lb
    70FLPFL-1185-3 1/4 inch prime switch for fuel line  -