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Product: 70FLJER
Pump accessories

Jerry tank, model 70FLJER

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Model: 70FLJER
Supplier: Mercedes Textiles

  • Made completely by molded plastic, with orange finish. 
  • Long-lasting, light and rust-proofing, this drum is approved for the air transportation. 
  • With the siphonning kit, this drum can be converted in a fuel tank for pump and it meets the strict standards of the American Army and the standards of the UNO (certification *MIL-C-53 109). 
  • Registered by Transport Canada as the whole performance of the UNO (Certification *UN 3 hours I / Y1,0 / 200 / yy / CAN / SPR 2-456 / 2,3 mm).
  • 5,3 gal. (4,4 gal imp. 20 L).

2.57 g (5,65 lb)