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Product: PET-B50
Fall Arrest

Cam-loaded rope clamps, Rescucender

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Modèle: Rescucender, B50
Fournisseur: Petzl

Rope clamps are principally used for two purposes: ascending ropes and hauling systems. The cam-loaded rope clamps are recommended for hauling systems and creating adjustable lanyards. Installing them is slower due to the fact that the rope is captured in the device. However because of this, they can be almost permanently attached to the rope. Both types of rope clamps are for use on single ropes.

  • Rope clamp / grab
  • Intended for moving on fixed ropes (as a back-up belay), for hauling heavy loads, and as a progress capture device in hauling systems.
  • Slides easily up the rope and jams when the cam is loaded.
  • Slides easily downwards if the cam is prevented from engaging.
  • If overloaded or subjected to an impact force, the rope may slip through the device.
  • Locking pin gives greater safety: disconnection from the rope requires two separate actions.



Approbation ou certification
  • CE EN 567
Spécifications techniques
  • Individually tested.
  • For use on single rope from 9 to 13 mm in diameter.
  • 250 g