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Product: Streamline (SL)

Streamline (SL)

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Model: Streamline (SL)
Supplier: Esprit Ropes

Built with a 48 pic sheath for superior handling. We named it Streamline because we've taken the traditional 16 pic static rope and streamlined it for superior performance. Streamline has a lighter sheath than Supplejacket and yet it is a stronger rope. Knots are easy to tie and set. Streamline has a higher working elongation which is more forgiving if the system is shock loaded.

  • Material: 100% nylon.
  • Construction: Kermantle.
  • Melting Température: Dupont nylon 6.6  260°C.
  • Sizes: 7/16 po and 1/2 po.


white, orange, blue, red, and yellow (with 2 color stripes)

Approval or certification

Certified to NFPA 1983-95 edition


Size Minimum Breaking Strength

NFPA1 Requirements
Safe working load
Working elongation
Maximum elongation (at 75% of break)
7/16"2 (11mm)
7400 lbs
4500 lbs 493 lbs (15 :1)
2.8% to 300 lbs 18% 5.3 lbs / 100 foot
1/2"2 (13mm) 9600 lbs
9000 lbs 640 lbs (15 :1)
4.0% to 600 lbs
20% 6.4 lbs / 100 foot

1  NFPA-National Fire Protection Act
2  Certified to NFPA 1983-95 edition
3  Meets  NFPA