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Product: CMC-294004

Whip-End Dip Rope Sealer

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Model: 294004, 294007
Supplier: CMC Rescue


Waterbased formula is more environmentally friendly and easy to clean up. Whip-End Dip was designed to seal the end of a rope to prevent fraying or unraveling. On rescue rope, the clear formula is used to seal the Rope I.D. Marker or other rope-end identification. The red, white, and green formulas can be used to color code the end of your rope for size, length, or date in service. Comes in 4 ounce plastic bottle with a brush for application.

User Note: When applying Whip-End Dip over the rope marker on the rope, brush a very thin coat over the rope marker, being sure to catch the rope at each edge. When dry, dip the end of the rope 2 or 3 more times for a final seal.

Model description
CMC-294004 WHIP-End Dip, 4 oz, red
CMC-294007 WHIP-End Dip, 4 oz, clear