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Product: MSA-807472
Gas détection and accessories

HazMat Response Kit

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Model: MSA-807472
Supplier: MSA


The HazMat Response Detector Tube Kit can be used by firefighters, HazMat Response Teams and other workers to help classify unknown chemical gases and vapors at accident or spill sites. A Quad-Port Sampler allows four chemical classes to be tested simultaneously. The portable kit contains 12 types of Detector Tubes (each with sufficient tubes for 10 complete tests), a Kwik- Draw Pump to draw the sample through the tubes, the multiple tube holder and a convenient, easy-to-follow interpretation guide.

Features & Benefits

  • Quickly classifies unknown chemical gases and vapors
  • Quad-Port™ Sampler allows simultaneous testing with four detector tubes, meaning less time in IDLH atmosphere
  • Flow-limiting orifices ensure even sample flow
  • Portable and easy to handle
  • Includes simple interpretation guide
available model
Includes 12 types of detector tubes, multiple tube holder, Kwik-Draw Pump and interpretation guide
Extra Quad-Port Sampler
Deluxe Pump Kwik-Draw
Standard Pump Kwik-Draw 488543