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Product: MSA-813860
Protection wear and accessorie

Advantage 1000 Riot Control Gas Mask

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Model: MSA-813860
Supplier: MSA

With a durable Hycar rubber facepiece based on a design developed for the U.S. Armed Forces, this clean, simplified respirator is up to 40% lighter than conventional full-face respirators and provides high performance, a customized fit, comfort, economy, and user acceptance. A flexible, one-piece polyurethane lens with wide field of vision is bonded to the facepiece, which also offers a standard nosecup that helps eliminate lens fogging. A standard mechanical speaking diaphragm is included or MSA’s optional ESP® II communications system can be added. The fully elastic, six-point head harness promotes easy on-off and easy adjustment with no hair pulling. The dual-canister, bayonet mount allows weapon sighting from either shoulder.

Approvals & Standards
NIOSH approved for protection against CN and CS tear gas 

description model
Small 813860
Medium 813859
Large 813861
Advantage 1000 CBA/RCA Canisters, Box of 6