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Product: MSA-10032511 (APR adapter)

APR adapter

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Model: MSA-10032511 (APR adapter)
Supplier: MSA

MSA’s APR adapter provides firefighters with the versatility they need to perform all tasks at the fire ground with one common facepiece. From fire-fighting to overhaul to homeland security, firefighters can switch from a positive-pressure facepiece to a negative-pressure air-purifying respirator simply by engaging the APR Adapter. The APR Adapter uses MSA’s comprehensive family line of air-purifying cartridges; select from the Advantage cartridges or our CBA/RCA canisters to protect against a multitude of airborne contaminants.

The APR Adapter is designed for use in non-IDLH environments and is NIOSH-approved. Contact MSA for more information.

Available Models
Firehawk MMR STC Version Model
APR Adapter 10032511
APR Adapter Individual Kit 10032927
APR Adapter Truck Kit 10032925
Firehawk MMR PTC Version Model
APR Adapter 10040052
APR Adapter Individual Kit 10040055
APR Adapter Truck Kit 10040054
Accessories Model
Ultra Elite, Anti-Fog Applique (10/pkg) 10037809
Ultravue, Anti-Fog Applique (10/pkg) 10037810
CBA/RCA Canisters (box of 6) 817590
Replacement Baffle 809858
Replacement Bayonet Cover 813341